Avaya Aura

The Avaya Aura Platform: Let the collaboration begin!

Keep your team engaged, interactive and working together with audio, video, and web-based conferencing that drive the velocity of your business. Invoke applications with a simple click, making ad-hoc collaboration in real-time as simple as a swipe on your screen. Reallocate bandwidth on the fly to accommodate video demands, and get the video quality you need without disrupting any of your other communications.

Balancing costs, risks, and future growth

Making the transition from single-purpose solutions to an integrated, multimodal communications architecture may seem daunting.

  • The need to leverage and rationalize current investments in network systems, resources and training, must be balanced against future business growth and requirements
  • Changing user preferences and popular new devices must be accommodated, but with an eye towards the needs of the enterprise as a whole
  • Centralized control over core services—the key to consistency, lower costs and reduced complexity—must be balanced with the need for personalized access to collaborative applications
  • Streamlined installation, deployment and management policies must take account of privacy and security needs, protecting employee and customer data

The Avaya Aura Platform is designed to help you balance these needs and create real value for your enterprise at a pace that makes sense for your business.

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