Spectralink Wireless Handset Reference Guides

Spectralink Versity 95 and 96 Series smartphone wireless handsets designed for enterprise.

Spectralink Butterfly Series provides exceptional voice quality and messaging in a colorful, sleek handset geared to office and educational users.

Spectralink 7202 designed for the retail industry, meeting its demand for mobility and durability.

Spectralink 7212 combines exceptional voice quality with customizable third-party applications.

Spectralink 7502 features stylish and feature-rich handset for small and medium sized businesses.

Spectralink 7522 offers specialized features for administrative working environments.

Spectralink 7532 built to increase productivity and administrative workflows for office and educational use.

Spectralink 7622 is highly durable and suitable for harsh industrial and manufacturing settings.

Spectralink 7642 designed for manufacturing use, with automatic alarms to increase personal safety and security.

Spectralink 7722 provides extended talk time, making it ideal for healthcare with broadcast messaging and alarm call functionality.

Spectralink 7742 ideal for high-risk environments with an easy-to-clean keypad, disinfectant resistance, and built-in alarms.

Spectralink 8440 baseline VoWLAN product with enterprise-grade onsite voice mobility.

Spectralink 8441 VoWLAN product with enterprise-grade onsite voice mobility with SAFE feature.

Spectralink 8453 adds integrated barcode reading capabilities.