Network Readiness Assessment and Optimization


Altura’s Network Readiness Assessment answers this question by simulating the traffic demands a new solution will impose on your network.

The mission-critical nature of your network means you must minimize risk as much as possible to avoid a potential dip in productivity. As you upgrade your communications solutions, adopt SIP technologies, and add applications, your network must cope with new levels of traffic and utilization. Altura’s Network Readiness Assessment is a critical step to help prepare your network for the deployment, as it proactively resolves potential issues for a smooth implementation.

Issues arising after cutover can result in network downtime and cost up to five times more to resolve than if they had been detected and resolved prior to implementation. Altura’s Professional Services group has the expertise required to deal with complex networks with multi-vendor solutions and devices.

Following best practices, our engineers help ensure a successful implementation and the continued performance of your network.


Network Readiness Assessment validates whether your network infrastructure is prepared for the demands of a new Avaya solution, minimizing risk and optimizing your deployment. Altura offers a complete package that addresses key aspects of network readiness including:

  • Network Capacity. Our engineers test the volume of traffic your network is able to handle, and as part of the process, identify any inefficiencies. They then have the information needed to start troubleshooting right away and maximize capacity.
  • Network Quality of Service (QoS). The quality of voice communications is measured as the new solution is simulated in your existing environment, and our consultants recommend how you can improve quality levels if they do not meet your needs or expectations.

Our expert engineers will also identify and recommend changes to address potential pitfalls and avoid costly post-implementation issues that stem from an unprepared network. The process also gives the deployment team a clear understanding of your prospective environment.


Successfully implement your new Avaya solution and minimize time to benefit with Altura’s Network Readiness Assessment. By preparing your network to handle the new requirements, you can optimize your deployment and enable your solution to operate at peak performance.

  • Optimize your network and resolve inefficiencies
  • Avoid costly, time consuming post-implementation issues
  • Maximize solution benefits and network performance

Our Professional Services team helps you through your communication solution implementations and provides guidance on products from our industry partners, including Avaya. We deliver business productivity improvement that meets your challenges and drives your company forward, so you can focus on growing your business. When you choose to work with us, you’ll have access to the deep expertise of the Altura and Avaya teams. Our extensive experience and horizontal, vertical, and technology expertise enable us to bring industry best practices to your organization and quickly drive measurable business results.