Contact Center “Patient Appointment Reminder Program” Boosts Productivity and Revenue

Altura Communications Solutions, one of Avaya’s largest Diamond Business Partners offers the healthcare segment solutions that can help care teams collaborate, increase productivity, and drive better patient experiences.  The Avaya Patient Appointment Reminder Bundle proactively reminds patients of appointments and facilitates the management of these appointments to improve patient attendance rates and clinical productivity. When considering the implementation of “Patient Appointment Reminder Program” Altura recommends the following:

· Virtual Patient Care Center is a solution that helps Healthcare contact center agents interact with patients over their preferred channel of communication.

· Healthcare Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence tool which uses learned and directed dialog interactions to help patients obtain information they require without interacting with agents.

· Care Team Collaboration is a solution helps identify and assemble the most appropriate, available resources quickly, and facilitates communication and collaboration within the team proactively and automatically.

According to the CIO at one of Altura’s largest healthcare customers : “Our Patient Appointment Reminder now enables us to automatically reach out to our patients 72hrs, 36hrs and 24hrs in advance to remind them of an appointment by phone, SMS or email.”