Altura + Cisco

The Power of 2 is technology that transforms education.

The Benefits of Cisco DNA for Education:
  • Faster innovation with actionable insights: Generate pervasive analytics to provide more relevant experiences, optimize space utilization and increase productivity.
  • Lower complexity and costs: Roll out and update campus networks faster and reduce day-to-day operational and network management costs with automation and application assurance.
  • Reduced risks with security everywhere: Secure faculty, research and other critical data with continuous, faster threat detection and security embedded network-wide.
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Campus Administrators and Educators will be able to:
  • Provide accessible resources to improve graduate employability and workforce preparation
    Address decreased student retention and increased competition for students, faculty and staff
  • Improve campus safety
  • Increase administrative and management efficiency
  • Optimize campus space utilization and sustainability
  • Foster business and research collaboration
  • Encourage new markets and revenue streams
  • Support digital fluency

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