Technologies for Healthcare Transformation

Altura and Zebra Technologies have teamed up to deliver digital solutions and technologies that transform healthcare. Zebra solutions are designed and purpose-built for the unique needs of healthcare environments.

ID Wristband Printers
Space-saving ID wristband printers built with
medical-grade designs.

Label Printers
Fast and high-quality label printing in mobile,
desktop and industrial models.

1D/2D Barcode Scanners
Seamless data capture for automated tracking
and supplies inventory management.

Mobile Computers & Tablets
Real-time mobile access to patient records and
information on specimens and medications.

Smart Badges
Push-to-talk, barcode scanning and sta ID
in a single wearable device.

Patient ID Wristbands
Positive patient identifi cation for improved
safety and reduced errors.

Barcode Labels
Specialized labels for maximum readability
and durability in healthcare environments.

RFID Solutions
Automated patient tracking, locating and
monitoring via remote RFID technology.

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